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Agia Galini, Crete
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Kria Vrisi

Positioned right at the foot of the Kedros mountain and in two parts. One part is directly alongside the main Rethymnon-Agia Galini road. However the main village is a bit further back and almost hidden from the main road. The church dominates the village square along with a large and popular kafenion which also serves as a small mini market. It doesnt take much for the villagers to come out and gather on the village square and have a chat or party. There is a war museum as this village was particularly had hit during the war. This is largely an agricultural village and there are still many donkeys and 3 wheeler vehicles which double as a plough when not being used for transport. There is a very pleasant kafe-bar in the lower part of the village where one can spend a pleasant evening watching the sun set over the sea from the back terrace or during cooler times enjoy the interior of this lovely stone building. Approximately 14 kms from Agia Galini and the coast.