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This village is a charming cool retreat from the heat, for those who find the intense heat down at the coast a bit too much. Water rushes through the town endlessly in lined furrows and passes through the village fountains and drinking troughs for animals. It is a lovely sight to see ladies and men on the way from the fields with their goats and donkeys stopping for the animals to drink. The village is set against the lower hills of Mount Kedros. The town has a shaded square and a few kafenions, and surprisingly, given the size of the town an excellent taverna. Greeks come from many surrounding villages to eat the local seasonal fare, very different from what is served in your average tourist taverna. The village is full of beautiful old houses, some of which have been well restored and more are being done by local owners and the village is continuously improving. It is well positioned for getting to Spili, Rethymnon or the coast. It is 37 Kms from Rethymnon and a short ride to Spili. While the village does not have a shop, the traveling salesmen come to town with everything one would need, fresh bread, vegetables, fish and even clothes and household goods. The beaches of Akoumia are the closest and on a hot summers night it is definitely worth the ride for a evening swim and a meal. The houses are mainly original and many have been beautifully restored retaining all their special features and almost every house I have seen has huge tree trunks for ceiling beams. The village is the setting for at least two novels, giving details of village life giving an insight into village life.