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It’s all sun, sea and happiness as we go into the start of the high season in Crete. There is nothing like sitting in a portside café-bar and enjoying the buzz.  In the early morning it is the yachts heading which have been chartered for the day and those on board looking forward to a day's sailing waving a jolly goodbye and why not, they own the yacht for the day.  Then it’s the day trippers setting off on trips to destinations not reached by car, secluded beaches for a beach bbq or to Gavdos Island, 36kms off shore and the southern most island in Europe.  This new service provided by  the Anendyk company, the boat Calypso which runs out of Agia Galini port now does scheduled trips and also does trips connecting Agia Roumeli, Sougia and Paleochora which means that at long last one can travel and explore the south coast by boat. 

Another place to visit in our area is Marvel Gardens in Spili, since they started this herbal garden they have developed it into something special. As of this year, other than their amazing scented soaps which I can personally recommend to their ice cream which has some interesting flavour combinations such as Diktamus(mountain tea) lemongrass and mint.  A refreshing change which looks and tastes wonderful.

One more interesting place to visit is the Agia Marina Donkey sanctuary.  This could be combined when visiting Phaestos or Matala caves and beach.  They really appreciate anyone who would like to help with the grooming during their open hours and of course the donkeys love any treats, which include watermelon for their dessert. Carrots and other more standard treats would of course be very welcome. Do check their open hours so as not to be disappointed.  

If you want to give the designated driver a break, the Galini  Express bus does some wonderful tours at very reasonable prices

Now onto some summer traditions.  Greeks love the sea and are happy to travel by car or motorbike  usually with more than the legal number of passengers, but as it is a short ride to the beach it is considered harmless fun.  They normally go down to the beach in the early morning for the ladies or in the later afternoon in the cool of the early evening for the whole family.  They consider it essential to have entered the sea 20 times in order to protect oneself from winter chills. 

Most homes have a summer kitchen where some of the meals can be cooked or barbequed outdoors to keep the temperature in the house down.  The market is full of beautiful aubergines and zucchini which are the main vegetables for now and of course the wonderful peaches and nectarines. Enjoying what is in season is the very best way to enjoy the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables.

 I am adding a small selection of properties which you may wish to view


 Best buy, value for money  

Villa with the most spectacular sea views 

A lovely home with a garden, pool and sea view on 2 levels in the very popular village of Kalamaki.

 Our beach photo is thanks to the Minos Hotel website and the view from the balconies.