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March 2019- springtime in south Crete

Spring has sprung- finally! We seem to have had a winter to remember, but March has begun with a beautiful spring day with sunshine and blue sky! Where better to enjoy the spring weather than south Crete? In Agia Galini we have this large villa near the beach with a beautiful garden now selling at a new price. This plot is in the village, within walking distance of the beach, tavernas and harbour and has incredible sea views; the perfect plot for making a home.

After all of the rain the flowers and blossoms are starting to bloom and the colours are scattered across the landscape in beautiful patterns; purples of the irises, sunshine yellow of the daisies, pinks and almond whites of tree blossoms.

The heavy rains of February have nourished the earth and the grasses are lush and green. The shepherds are out and about, occasionally seen relaxing in the grass as their flock enjoy the plentiful grassy treats! The tinkling of the sheep and goat bells, the whistle of the shepherd and the tweeting of the birds alerts us that spring, at last, is here!

Villages are slowly awakening from their winter slumber and people seem eager to be getting back to work; new paint is on the boats and some of the fishing boats have been placed back into the waters ready to begin another fishing season, owners are seen preparing their tavernas for the season and will slowly begin to re-open. In Agia Galini it is nice to see life coming back into the village and it is always a pleasure to sit and watch the world go by at one of the harbour tavernas.

Lent continues with some Orthodox Greeks following a strict diet of no meat, milk, cheese or eggs. The weeks of Lent are counted down by Kyria Sarakosti and children often make a cutout of her complete with her seven legs to represent the Lenten weeks leading up to Easter. After each week you pull off one of her legs! Kids, and adults, seem to enjoy this activity very much!!

This month is seen a the perfect time for a good clean out. As we prepare for Easter we can use these weeks to repaint houses, carry out those jobs you’ve been meaning to do all winter; a good old spring clean! Now is the time to do it as next month we will need all of our energy to enjoy the big day… Easter!


Kalo mina!





Photo of Agia Galini