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This is the month to relax and enjoy the company of friends, family and acquaintances.  It is the month when almost everyone is on holiday and its great to be surrounded by people having a good time.  Do not expect to get anything done as all government offices are close or operate with  minimum staff. All suppliers shut down and even the Greek government goes on holiday.  Here in Crete you can expect the pace to slow right down as many Greeks take time off work to relax and enjoy themselves, and their beautiful country.   Swimming with friends is a twice a day ritual.  It is not so much swimming as standing in the water up to ones neck, in a circle and be part of the tradition of keeping up with friends and catching up on gossip and keeping traditions alive.

It is amazing to live in a country where the locals love their country and think it is better than anywhere else in the world.   They often take off to other parts of the world, but almost return to the Greek islands for their summer holidays.   This keeps them rooted to their country and often on retirement, they return from around the world, to come and live in Greece and who can blame them? It is the summer capital of the world and there are many more reasons.  To find out more click here.

Should you prefer a slow easy pace there is always plenty of wonderful coastline to explore with beach front dining to experience at the many tavernas serving delicious local foods and drinks, including local wines which make the Greek God Dionysus proud. If you get the chance to taste wines from the Toplou monastry near Sitia in Crete, do so, those monks certainly know how to  make a great wine These two links will give you some of the history of the monastery and information on the types of wines available.

While you are sitting in the shade somewhere you may consider the questions the ancient Greeks asked the oracles to find out click here


We hope you enjoy a happy and relaxed August.