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 JUNE 2020



Crete and Greece are ready for the summer.  We are once again enjoying  harbour side  meals and coffees and cocktails and life is wonderful.

There is so much to share about and reasons to travel to Crete.  Tasty food, hiking, swimming in the most amazingly clear water with shadows of boats on sea bed below.  Alternatively if the heat is not for you, go to a higher altitude, and enjoy the cooler air and traditional tavernas.  There truly is so much to see and do, the list goes on and on.  

I have never seen the vineyards looking better.  If you have vines it is the time for “stopping” or snapping of the vine shoots 2 or 3 leaves after the formation of grape clusters so t hat the sength of the plant goes into the grapes. We are looking forward to a bumper crop this year.

For those who already live here or visit often, there are a few important name days this month.  For all those name Yiannis (St John) will be celebrating on the 24th and would you believe it this is also mid summers day, already! St John’s day is soon  followed by St Peter and St Paul on the 29th.  It is a tradition phone everyone you know with these names  on their name day and they will be  absolutely delighted to receive these calls with wishes of Chronia Polla (many years)!

We wish you a wonderful June and whenever you are can, we hope that you will come and visit Crete.