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October in Crete


October has arrived and has brought an autumn feeling as September felt more as a summer month. 

Wonderful Autumn in Crete means clear blue sky and warm sunny days, the perfect weather for enjoying this fabulous island. Officially, the tourist season remains until the end of the month and can run on until the early parts of November. October seems to be a busy month and a lot of visitors enjoy the sunny days and the still warm weather as in rest of Europe the temperatures have been low. In Agia Galini there are still plenty of tourists around and it remains business as usual in many of the tavernas, on the beach and in the shops. Now it is the best period to organize a trip regarding real estate chasing as the temperatures are perfect for viewings.

New listing of properties are always coming up our website, don’t forget to visit frequently. 

The cooler temperatures, from boiling hot summer to a pleasant warmth, makes outdoor excursions much more bearable; walks in the countryside, lying on the beach and swimming in the still warm sea are just some of the super benefits of living here. It is during this month that we may see the first rainfall, which come with welcome relief especially to the parched, dry landscapes. 

The Autumn months sees the start of harvest. Driving or walking around the Cretan countryside we see the beginnings of the olive harvest with the spreading of the familiar black nets under the trees and hear the gentle whirring of the olive picking machines, which knock the ripe olives from the branches to the ground before gathering and taking to be pressed.  It is often a family occasion where you will see and hear groups of all ages working together, hand picking the olives, or at least bashing the tree with a large stick; the traditional way! After the hard work you sometimes see the group sharing a simple lunch beneath the shade of the olive trees.

Oxi day on the 28th October, a public holiday, will be marked with parades of school children through the streets and plenty of flag waving, in commemoration of the Greeks refusal to join forces with Mussolini during WW2 with the infamous one word reply of ‘OXI’ ‘NO’.