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June 2018

Summer is here! A time for enjoying the good weather, the warm sea, the fresh foods and the happy holiday atmosphere! Many tourists have arrived and are ready to relax and enjoy a fabulous holiday in Crete. For those of us lucky enough to have made Crete our home, we are blessed in that we can enjoy many of the holiday perks, including daily swimming, eating outdoors and enjoying fresh local produce; Crete really is good for you!

It is during this month that here in Agia Galini we are lucky to savour the fresh locally grown cherries and strawberries, at the same time.  In the high mountains at Gerakari the cherry trees are laden with fruits and from the Messara there are plump juicy strawberries.  Driving along the roads we can see many stalls selling the fruits and the fruit vans driving around the villages blare out announcements of wonderful produce selling at a great price; it is something we should all stop and buy at least one time.

When you think of holidays you often think of relaxing on the beach and here in Crete, especially along the south coast, we have plenty of beautiful beaches to offer. The incredible and varied landscape of Crete is the perfect inspiration for creating memories and art.  Artist, Mick Hollingworth has been a regular visitor to Agia Galini for many years and produces beautiful paintings of the local area including Agios Pavlos, Triopetra and Paximadia. You can view his art work here or if you are in the area pop down to Tropica Studios and Taverna where some of his paintings, postcards and calendars are displayed and available to buy.

Music lovers will be flocking to Matala for the annual music festival held during June 22nd-24th. The festival is incredibly popular and free! People make the journey to experience first hand the wonderful vibrant atmosphere with music from a variety of performers (this year including Savvopoulos!!) all enjoyed with sand between your toes ‘beneath the Matala moon’, as Joni Mitchell famously sang in Carey, written during her stay in Matala’s caves in the sixties!

In Agia Galini if you are wanting a dramatic expression for your art why not sign up for the local theatre group, which is putting together productions to be performed in the amphitheater; nestled in the hillside overlooking the sea and harbour, it is both a pretty and dramatic space!

If all this is too much then pack up a picnic of fresh fruits, grab a bottle of local wine and take yourself off to one of the many wild unknown beaches, where you can let nature inspire, and more importantly, rest you!

Goodness so much to see and do, and the summer has only just begun!


Photo credit: Kalypso Rooms, Agia Galini,